Mangaliso Jere
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Mangaliso Jere who was born in Malawi on March 01, 1981 and passed away on January 18, 2007 at the age of 25. We will remember him forever.
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Tributes and Condolences
Grief  / Joana Jere (Niece)
Uncle Manga It’s been so long since I talked to you.. I tried all day to not breakdown and ignore the pain today..but God has a way of making us feel what we need to feel and today it hurt more than the day you were taken away. I went home and w...  Continue >>
  My Dearest Manga Today being your birthday i wish i could pick up the phone and wish you a lovely day and enjoy it as much as you can but sadly reality hits me! You will not be at the other end.   Three years have passed and the pain...  Continue >>
Three years on ......   / Tamika Nyondo (Sister)
I miss you mwana wa amama.....I feel the pain way deep in my heart if I try to bring it to sound it hurts the walls of my cavity... WHY??????? If this is a nightmare...I pray God wake me is too painful to bear. Give me one minute more and I...  Continue >>
God's Will   / Kondwani Gondwe (Brother In-Law )
God's Will

Not by choice but by God's Will
We've been left with memories that will only fill

A part of us that's left behind
Like dust in the wind and soon to find

That although we have faith the day ha...  Continue >>
True friend   / Evans Chanache (friend)
I knew you had potential when u challenged the english teacher Mr. Shumba whether on ceaser or annie frank....u taught me how to be open minded and how to take heat head on.....I will always remember you in my prayers and may your soul rest in p...  Continue >>
I miss your being( MangaMan)  / Kondwqni Gondwe (Brother In_Law )    Read >>
A year of Sorrow, Sadness and Pain  / Joana Jere (Niece)    Read >>
Update / Charity Jere Gondwe (Sister)    Read >>
I cant believe it...  / Gadeesson (friend/buddy)    Read >>
10 months on!!!!!  / Joana Jere (niece)    Read >>
Six Monthes On.......but still ???  / Kondwani Gondwe     Read >>
Heartfelt, I miss you man...  / Tony Longwe (Friend)    Read >>
Manga! What a great friend, Gone too soon  / Nkhaniyawo Nyirenda (Friend)    Read >>
LOSS OF A GREAT GUY  / Gibson Phinifolo (Workmate/ Friend )    Read >>
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His legacy
Mangaliso's World  
Your passion for people and Malawi was beyond understanding, you cared for may without blowing the horn for yourself, your passion for knowledge amazed many, your love for underpriviledged, your love and trust, quick to seek peace with all, humour
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ayoung man that liked socialising and hard woking. Always brainstorming
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