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Grief / Joana Jere (Niece)  Read >>
Grief / Joana Jere (Niece)
Uncle Manga It’s been so long since I talked to you.. I tried all day to not breakdown and ignore the pain today..but God has a way of making us feel what we need to feel and today it hurt more than the day you were taken away. I went home and was able to see where you were laid to rest. Honestly Manga it opened a flood gate of immense pain . I am still trying to wrap my head around it 11 years later. I have lost Dad, Granddad, Uncle Chawe and You my big bro! and I know God has a plan for all this but am asking that he lets me know the end goal because this is unbearable.. imagine I adore computers and can tell you what an algorithm and work with 10 softwares I a daily basis.. Am officially missing u. God knows best Love u always Jojo Close
HAPPY BIRHDAY AND THREE YEARS ON  / Joana Jere (Niece)  Read >>


My Dearest Manga

Today being your birthday i wish i could pick up the phone and wish you a lovely day and enjoy it as much as you can but sadly reality hits me! You will not be at the other end.


Three years have passed and the pain is still strong sharp and most of all too surreal. Its hard to beleive that i cant talk to you no more without tears or my herat tagging me reminding me that you're not here to answer back.

when i needed reasoning you were there to make sense out of it all. When I fell weak you made it your best interest to give me strength to bear it all. When trouble seemed to come my way you made sure i stayed clear of it all.

My heart aches everyday and the hole that you left is still there and trying not to go mad i talk to myslef asking God to tell you what is on my mind.

i miss you and always love you


Three years on ......  / Tamika Nyondo (Sister)  Read >>
Three years on ......  / Tamika Nyondo (Sister)

I miss you mwana wa amama.....I feel the pain way deep in my heart if I try to bring it to sound it hurts the walls of my cavity... WHY??????? If this is a nightmare...I pray God wake me is too painful to bear.

Give me one minute more and I will tell you again how much I love you... Now that I know I will tell you how much nice it is to have a brother I will tell you how it would drivr me to madness if you where to go.... Beautiful soul beautiful spirit.....We miss you all! Angoni gone too soon...

God's Will  / Kondwani Gondwe (Brother In-Law )  Read >>
God's Will  / Kondwani Gondwe (Brother In-Law )
God's Will

Not by choice but by God's Will
We've been left with memories that will only fill

A part of us that's left behind
Like dust in the wind and soon to find

That although we have faith the day has come
That this dream is real and we're no longer numb

The presence of what I know in my heart
Will keep us together never to part

Your smile has graced us to no end
A time for all of us to begin

Laughing loving caring for each
We no longer search it's within our reach

You have blessed us all with something we lack
We will learn from you and always look back

God's Will has left us with a part of you
That will grace each day with a morning dew
True friend  / Evans Chanache (friend)  Read >>
True friend  / Evans Chanache (friend)
I knew you had potential when u challenged the english teacher Mr. Shumba whether on ceaser or annie frank....u taught me how to be open minded and how to take heat head on.....I will always remember you in my prayers and may your soul rest in peace.....Psalm 23:1 Close
I miss your being( MangaMan)  / Kondwqni Gondwe (Brother In_Law )  Read >>
I miss your being( MangaMan)  / Kondwqni Gondwe (Brother In_Law )
I  miss your being
but I feel your presence,
In whatever foem you choose to take, 
however you now choose to be.

A year has gone ... its been the hardest of them all.. still these questions take centre stage of my mind.

Who was involved?

What happened?

When did it happen?

Where did it happen?

Why did it happen?

Only God Knows!! Close
A year of Sorrow, Sadness and Pain  / Joana Jere (Niece)  Read >>
A year of Sorrow, Sadness and Pain  / Joana Jere (Niece)

What a year it has been Manga, both You and Uncle Chawe have been taken away from me, those days i used to tell people i have an older brother, an my uncle to help me become a lawyer have disappared like  the wind before my very own eyes.

A year tomorrow, somebody denied you the chance to see your niece, sibusiso and nephew, Thembisto and to be there on the phone to congratulate me, turning the big 18, though i know you were smiling form above with Grandad, Dad,  and Uncle Chawe, 

Being so young i thought tragedy and dispair would not be among the Jere's any more, that i was denied the chance to get to know Grandad and Dad was the last blow i assumed we would have to face but the year 2007 i was proved wrong losing both of you in one yera tore my frail heart to piecesm manga, I miss you so much and it hurts to see that your not here, telling me to work hard so i could look after nun and the little ones. I wish this was a dream and  i could wake up.

The  one person i can not begin to understand how they feel after you were taken way from her is nun, all four men in her life have been wiped away like dust. In 1990, GRANDAD, 1994, dad and 2007 Took all the two pillars she could lean on but God blessed her with two granchildren making 6 granchildren in total, Tionge and me from Dad, Daniel and Dominic  fromAunt nyumbie, Malcolm and Cian ( Thembisto) from Aunt Ta, 

 The real shame is that one never really knows what killed you and why we were the ones chosen to suffer this unbearable pain.
 Maybe you can explain to Uncle Chawe, every time i close my eyes I hope to open them  and see you smiling and telling me that its a joke. 

All can never be understood and a sits written in the Bible
, "he will swallow up death and wipe away tears from our faces"
(Isaiah 25:8)

Manga, I love you and Miss you so much, RIP


Update / Charity Jere Gondwe (Sister)  Read >>
Update / Charity Jere Gondwe (Sister)
Dear Manga

I needed to talk to you in October you where an uncle this time a boy Thembiso Cian Nyondo.However  death has struck again Chawezi is gone to be with you guys and the Lord. 
Tamika and Myself do not believe that you guys are gone . We miss You . Little Man what happened . Can justice ever be done .
Manga  can you just smile from Heaven so we know you guys are okay 
Its had to say that the four men in ourlives are gone . Now its Mum , me and Tamika . 
Can we ever see light . As we continue to hold on to God 
Miss you Bruv  Close
I cant believe it...  / Gadeesson (friend/buddy)  Read >>
I cant believe it...  / Gadeesson (friend/buddy)

I cried so much when I heard about this!! He was my teacher and friend whom I met at Compu Business College in Lilongwe before I left to go to Canada, I kept in touch with him  when he worked at the cafe (I think next to the Post office in Lilongwe old town) and even when he worked in Mzuzu. What a loss for his family, friends and even the IT community of Malawi. 
Manga was cool, calm, wise and always thought before doing anything. 
I really respect him as he gave me good advice, not only on school stuff but also in life! 
Though I live far (in Quebec City) Canada, I wish to give my sincere condoleances to the Jere family and to all friends where ever they are.

10 months on!!!!!  / Joana Jere (niece)  Read >>
10 months on!!!!!  / Joana Jere (niece)
Manga, its been 10 months but feels like 10 decades, ma herat has that hole in it and the space that you filled with ur jokes and laughters has been filled with tears and sadness. 

Every morning when I reach college I log on to the computer, all  I  think of doing is sending that good morning email. suddenly I feel that empty space in ma heart knowing that ma big bro is not at the other end to reply.

There is no more, "Kambewa iwe" at the other end of the phone.
There is also no more, How is ma lil sis, " ma jere gal at the beginning of the email that I recieve every morning. no Mangaliso Jere in my Inbox.

But 1 thing I ahve learnt is that God is always with me and will always be with me. which helps me to get out of bed and face the day ahead.

The word says "I shall never leave you nor forsake you".
Missing you always. 

Six Monthes On.......but still ???  / Kondwani Gondwe   Read >>
Six Monthes On.......but still ???  / Kondwani Gondwe

Evil is not a thing but choice. The All-poweful God gave us a share in his power to choose freely. The Cross is God's part of the practical solution to evil. Our part is to rpent, to believe, and to work with God in fighting evil by power of love.
Why bad things happen to good people? But Why do good things happen to bad people? Should be the question.

Who says suffering is bad? The man who has not suffered, what can be possibly know anyway? Suffering can work for the greater good of wisdom. It's not true that all things are good, but it's true that "all things work together for the good to those who love God" It's been 6 monthes of questions, but learning more each day from how you lived your life. The principle centered life.

The world's purest gold is only dung without morals and with selfishness. But with love, the basest metal is transfomed into the purest gold. The hope of alchnemy can come true, but on a spiritual level, not a chemical one. There is a "philospheres sone" that transmute all things into gold. Principled centered life thats what you lived. With that, poverty is riches, weakness is power,suffering is joy, to be despised is glory. Without principled life, riches are povert, power is impotence, happiness is misery, glory is despised.

Shakespear Julius Ceaser Act 4, Scene 3
There is a tide in the affairs of men,
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat;
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures.

Mangaman you were a man who used the opportunities of life very well.


Heartfelt, I miss you man...  / Tony Longwe (Friend)  Read >>
Heartfelt, I miss you man...  / Tony Longwe (Friend)
I only knew Manga for a bit. There's this poem you know, about the beauty of a shooting star that is visible only for the briefest of moments.
We started out arguing and ended up friends.
He was just one of those guys you couldn't be uncomfortable around. Open-hearted and open-minded, a people's person.
I always wanted to spend a weekend with him in my hometown Mzuzu but we never got around to it... Now we never will.
Gone too soon but I'll always remember you.
You taught me how to be a better person and for that I will always be grateful.
Hamba kahle umfowetu! Close
My friend Manga,

I was deeply affected when I received a call from Symon Katundu that you have gone forever.I still remember that day you came at KCN from Mzuzu you told me to work hard in everything I do.
I will miss you Manga.REST IN PEACE  Close
Manga! What a great friend, Gone too soon  / Nkhaniyawo Nyirenda (Friend)  Read >>
Manga! What a great friend, Gone too soon  / Nkhaniyawo Nyirenda (Friend)
Mangaliso, We just said good evening to each other that day as we were going home after work. “Come lets give you a rid to town.” I said as we were going out of Mzuzu University's gate at 5:00 pm. You said, “No, I have something to do” and we left each other that evening. When I hear that you are gone the next day, I was shocked and that has remained with me since. Manga! I miss you. You were such a great friend. Indeed you have gone too soon. May your soul rest in peace. Close
LOSS OF A GREAT GUY  / Gibson Phinifolo (Workmate/ Friend )  Read >>
LOSS OF A GREAT GUY  / Gibson Phinifolo (Workmate/ Friend )

I was shocked to hear the untimely death of dear friend and workmate who inspired  me to study IT. I will always mourn and remember you Manga. RIP

Loss of a great young man  / Ben Munthali (Brother, friend and soulmate )  Read >>
Loss of a great young man  / Ben Munthali (Brother, friend and soulmate )
Manga, a dear friend gone too soon. Death really robbed this country of a light. No words can express the feeling, but i pray for your soul each day and iknow you smiling down on us. Till we meet again in the next life, shall your good soul rest in everlasting peace.

So its true, the good die young! Close
In Loving and Everlasting Memory of Robert MANGA !  / CokoTracy Mirindi Musaza (Best Friend )  Read >>
In Loving and Everlasting Memory of Robert MANGA !  / CokoTracy Mirindi Musaza (Best Friend )
Ohh  Lord! 
U took the perle U gave to us, but the thing I know!, we will all meet one day,then we celebrate again and again our friendship,
My friend Manga J
I all time meet you on my laptop key bord, thinking of your intervention one nigth together with Mack Ford, Rita,Franck Tracy,Dada, Alain,....we all miss you and will never forget your that day's love!
Yours SMS gives me hope me of your presence inside my heart so that I'm praying God to give you PEACE
this media can't contain all I'm feeling to you,


Coko Tracy
Forever Yours

A dear loss to the IT community  / Frank Kuse (Dear Friend from Ghana )  Read >>
A dear loss to the IT community  / Frank Kuse (Dear Friend from Ghana )
Manga as i favouritely called him was my dear friend and companion.
We discuss IT in general and help each other in all challenges we get in our work places and life.
Manga will always hold a special place in our hearts and within all the IT community in Ghana.
We extend our deepest condolences to Mangaliso's family. He was a treasure to us all.
I hope his family finds peace and eventually smiles in their memories of him.
Ghana extends it's heartfelt prayers and tears to our beloved family. Close
RIP / Elizabeth Chirambo (friend)  Read >>
RIP / Elizabeth Chirambo (friend)
Mangaliso i was shocked when i heard that you have died i couldnt believe, you gone too soon  you were a funny guy, 'ALONGOSI' you used to call me i will miss you more especially in JAYCEES activities may your soul rest in erternal peace bro. Close